Thank you for visiting our site and we are glad you did, you might think it looks simple and uninteresting, and it does, deliberately.

The Winning Mindset learning seminars are not about bangs, whistles and animations, it is about getting back to basics, which you may think is rather boring, and that is up to you.

But consider, how exactly has all the bangs and whistles, visual fireworks, animated doodads and sparkly rainbows made you a more fulfilled and intellectually capable human being?

It is a thought worth pondering, because our guess is that it is in the quiet moments of reflection that you were truly inspired, reading in the glow of a bedside lamp, cocooned in the audio space of a decent podcast or perhaps entranced by the discussion on a serious long form interview on YouTube.

The seminars are inspired by the need for a less hyperbolic and manipulated engagement with the information drenched world we all live in.

We are advocates of freedom of thought and speech as central to individual development, of consideration and critical thinking, and you will be too, or at least you may be fed up with the shallowness of our technological age.

We hear an awful lot about how mental ill health is affecting everyone, and to be honest, despite the obvious cases where we are seeing that, we are more concerned that people are intellectually lazy or disinterested, lack the ability to discern complex situations and therefore think in a critical and reasoned manner. This is a particularly acute problem amongst the young and those who are prone to ideological derangement.

Significant time is spent on telling people they are victims, at the whim of outside forces, or incapable and weak, and subsequently they allow themselves to be manipulated and nudged.

We intend to disrupt that and you can help, come and join us.