How long does the program last?

The initial program lasts 12 months and in that time you will attend 12 seminars, one per month, as well as completing various tasks and activities. During this time you will learn techniques and theories that will help you deprogram and influence others who are living with lies, falsehoods and ideologically driven belief systems and nurture their intellectual health.

Intellectual health is maintained by engaging the individual in creative and stimulating activities to expand their knowledge and skills and help them discover the potential for sharing their abilities within the community.

An intellectually well person:

Intellectually well people tend to be curious and interested in achieving, whether that is personally, in business or in the community. Whatever endeavour they choose to undertake they will enjoy engaging with the world around them.

Can you do it all in one go or opt in and out?

In short, no. The speed of change means that we are far better at grasping things if we take a calmer more measured approach to our intellectual fitness.

You can opt out but not in again, you would have to start fresh with with another group.

Who is the program for?

If someone you know has been gripped by unreality and you wish to have rich conversations around how that may not be a good idea, then this is for you.

If you wish to get a grasp on where we are and how we seem to be stuck in a world of confusion and nonsense, then this is for you. Particularly if you are keen to engage others in conversation over the current issues we all face.

If you think free speech is central to our lives then this is for you.

The program requires a leap of faith at the beginning and rather like a mystery tour you may not have that “aha” moment for the first three sessions, but it will come.

Who is the program not suitable for?

If you believe the world is made of competing groups vying for power and that everyone is struck by “phobias” and “isms” then in the words of Dionne Warwick, walk on by.

If you believe that “virtue signalling” and “affinity groups” are a good idea, then walk on by.

If you are a biology denier and disdainful of the scientific process, then walk on by.

If you like a quiet life spent worrying about what you can and cannot say, then walk on by.

If you have disdain of free speech then walk on by.

If you think the enlightenment was a mistake, meritocracy is evil and equality of outcome is a good, then walk on by.

We would rather not waste our time or yours.

You mentioned disrupting, what does that mean.

People, especially young people, are being told that everything, including them, is miserable and hopeless. The stories being told are stating that all is about power and oppression and nothing else.

These stories demoralize and depress folk, they make them believe that everything is about fighting against some evil oppressor and that a focus on competency, meritocracy and achieving individual success is a bad thing.

You can bet we are going to disrupt that narrative, and we think you should too.

How much is the program?

£60 per month gets you access – and you can drop out when you like, though people do not tend to as its all rather fun.

You may also wish to purchase books, films and other resources as you see fit.

Resources provided by us are free but not for redistribution.

What’s Included?

What is Critical Social Justice?

We capitulate here to greater minds than ours, whom we have engaged with in designing and developing this program. We use their definition. But in a nutshell…

“CSJ is the elevation of social groups over and above the individual, who are then encouraged to constantly fight, (driven by cult mantras and ideological obedience) in an arena of never ending hierarchy of power and oppression, and in doing so seek to disrupt everything, everywhere all at once ad infinitum.”

How do I join up?

Contact us as a start with your name and details and a short message about why you are interested in becoming a “Warrior Teacher”.

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