The Winning Mindset is a series of seminars and directed activities that you will engage with to create a toolkit of your own and begin to understand how we deprogram those captured by Critical Social Justice.

You will join others like you on a program that is being shaped in real time and reacts to developments as they happen. You will be helping create something new and exciting where holding fast on the values of the enlightenment, the scientific process and equality of opportunity as central to our success in the future.

You will be in discussion with like minded people who will be learning alongside you to become “Warrior Teachers” so that you can help others see the importance of preventing Critical Social Justice from further infecting our institutions or us as individual and in particular children, who will be abandoned to a life of misery based on lies.

It is a cross-discipline undertaking, and you can expect to dive into a multitude of fields including:

Over the period of the program you will engage with people like you and partake in activities from reading to media production. We utilise film, podcasts, books, videos, seminars and any other resource available that can enable a better and deeper cognitive capability.

We and you will do this because we recognise that a number of factors have come into play and the world we knew only a short time ago is now so vastly different:

If your interest is piqued and you would like to find out more then please contact us and we will get back to you.